Ken Spillman believes that the best editing comes from a place inside the existing work, and is not imposed on text from above. He has a good ‘ear’ for narrative voices, and has demonstrated his sensitivity as an editor and manuscript assessor for major Australian publishers and one university press.

Ken has worked as an editorial mentor with university students and emerging writers and, as a compiler of anthologies, has provided editorial input into the work of some of Australia’s most eminent writers. Many writers' forums and online universities are constructive ways to get your writing skills up to scratch, but mentors like Ken can take would-be authors and graduates and help them achieve publication.

In addition, he served as editor of the Plain Street Post (1990-1992), editorial board member for All Part of the Service (1991-1992); and as a WA Working Party member for the Australian Dictionary of Biography (1994-1998).

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Ken Spillman is an experienced presenter of workshops and seminars, and has worked with many and varied groups of children and adults.

He has presented workshops to hundreds of groups in metropolitan and regional Australia, and has been a featured guest presenter at festivals in Singapore and India.

The most popular of Ken’s workshops address such topics as:

• Writing fiction
• Writing fiction for children and teenagers
• Original essay writing
• The art of memoir
• How creativity works
• Creativity for life
• The value of imagination
• Building resilience

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Speeches have gained a bad reputation – but a good speech with the right mix of light and shade is entertaining and can even be memorable.

Ken Spillman began his career in the public eye as a nervous, over-rehearsed speaker but has since been able to develop a relaxed yet insightful and penetrating style. He is able to adapt his style to the size and composition of his audience.

In recent times, Ken has presented speeches at a great diversity of events and to varied audiences, including:

• Asian Children’s Writers and Illustrators Conference, Singapore (keynote speaker)
• Students of the Albany Summer School
• Creative Writing camp, St Mary’s Anglican Girls’ School, Perth
• Alumni of Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, Perth
• The presentation of the Subiaco Local History Awards
• The closure of a Technical and Further Education College (Wembley TAFE)

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Ken is a popular guest speaker at schools, inspiring students to enjoy reading, embracing creative thinking and make the act of writing fun.

He has been a writer in residence at a number of Western Australian secondary schools, including:
• Christ Church Grammar School
• Irene McCormack Catholic College
• Katanning Senior High School
• Mercy College
• Wesley College

Ken has conducted sessional, half-day and one-day visits to numerous other high schools.

In addition, Ken has been a presenter at countless primary schools, most often playing ‘straight man’ to his anarchic friend and collaborator, Jon Doust.
Ken is experienced as a mentor of young and emerging writers. While his time may sometimes be restricted, his commitment to the development of talent is unlimited.

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Dr Ken Spillman has served as an examiner of doctoral and masters degrees in creative writing for the following universities:

University of Melbourne
University of Western Australia
Edith Cowan University

He has also served as a judge for a number of writing competitions, including:

• Tim Winton Award for Young Writers (1997-2008)
• Judge, City of Subiaco Local History Award (2003-2006)
• Western Australian State Final, Nestle Write Around Australia (2004-2005)

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Ken has vast experience as a creator of books for individuals, institutions and corporations, and can take the headaches out of publication projects.

He will manage the editing, design, indexing and printing of books of all sizes – and takes pride in the presentation of high quality publications at reasonable prices.

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Creativity lies behind all of Ken’s work. He brings a fresh perspective to any project and is able to maximise the impact of words and ideas.

He has engaged in collaborations with visual artists from Asia and Europe, and was the driving force behind the creation of a Poetry Park in Western Australia’s capital city.

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